Rapid Testing of Food Quality with Near Infrared

The sight of pineapple in the supermarket makes your mouth water. But when you get home, you are disappointed to discover that the pineapple you bought is neither sweet nor juicy. When shopping for food, customers often have to rely on their luck. In the future, a spectrometer will reveal the quality of food. The device is no bigger than a sugar cube, can be produced cheaply and could even fit into smartphones.

»Edible Innovations« Study in the area of tension between technological progress and technology rejection among consumers

Today, consumers are faced with numerous innovations. Intelligent and networked logistics systems demand his attention just as much as individualized food from the 3D printer. Can technologically advanced food compete with grandmother's lovingly prepared apple pie?

Workshop Securing the International Fruit and Vegetable Chain - a Plus for Health

Securing the international fruit and vegetable chain was the topic of the 1st workshop organized by the Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance on February 8, 2011 at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin. In addition to the numerous participants from the industry, the exciting contributions of Mathias Bratzler (Bratzler & Co and presidium of the DFHV. e.V.) , Federik Callens (GLOBALG.A.P), Dr. Carsten Fauhl-Hassek (BfR), Norbert Reichl (Food Processing Initiative e.V.) as well as the representatives of the Fraunhofer Alliance contributed to the very positive response.


Fraunhofer Fireside Chat Food Chain Management

In January 2008, representatives from industry, authorities and associations met for a fireside chat at the SAS Radisson in Berlin. The event focused on the question: »How can we positively influence food chain management in Germany?«