Selection of Projects of our Partner Institutes


Individualisation of Food Production

The ever-increasing desire of consumers for individual or customised products requires that the path of digitalisation from food production and processing to logistics, POS and consumers be integrated and innovative.


Pasteurizing Milk with Microwave Technology

For the preservation of dairy products, microorganisms contained therein must be completely or partially killed by increasing the product temperature. In the EU-funded MicroMilk project, a pan-European consortium comprising companies from the dairy industry, microwave technology and automation engineering, research institutes and universities has developed a promising technology for heating milk using microwaves.


Stabilization of Fruit Juices and Wine Without Preservatives

Biogenic substances such as food must be stabilized for storage or transport by inactivating the microbiological contamination. Established food preservation processes such as heat sterilization or pasteurization often have the disadvantage of destroying valuable heat-sensitive food ingredients such as vitamins, thus reducing the nutritional value...


Active Packaging

Fresh to the table. Meat, sausage, cheese and fruit can usually only be bought packaged in supermarkets. Active packaging, which consumes oxygen, regulates moisture and reduces bacteria, protects food and extends its shelf life. Active packaging protects food...


Food and Oxygen

The shelf life of most packaged foods is affected by oxygen. Oxidation alters value-giving ingredients and leads to quality losses such as loss of aroma substances and vitamins, formation of off-flavors, structural changes due to oxidation of proteins...