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Easy-to-Digest Data

How long was the yogurt on the way? How fresh are the tomatoes? Where does the steak come from? Thanks to food chain management questions can be answered quickly and reliably.

The customer is king. Food retailers offer them a huge range of delicacies
day in, day out: There are apples from South Tyrol and New Zealand; tomatoes from Spain, Holland or Italy, milk, butter and yogurt from the Bavarian mountains, Ireland, Bulgaria or Schleswig-Holstein...


Smart Sensors Monitor Food Quality

The traceability of food or sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals is becoming increasingly important in times of globalized markets. With modern technology, production and logistics in the food industry can be efficiently and seamlessly monitored, documented and controlled entirely and efficiently.


Food Chain Management Knowledge Platform

Losses due to spoilage occur at every stage of the food chain. In the case of  fruit and vegetables, just half of the goods reach the food retail trade. The  spoiled fruit and vegetables incur additional costs for removal and disposal.  The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's Economic-Strategic Alliance (WISA) Food  Chain Management addresses this problem by looking at processes for  quality, safety and transparency in the food chain...