Individualisation of Food Production

The ever-increasing desire of consumers for individual or customised products requires that the path of digitalisation from food production and processing to logistics, POS and consumers be integrated and innovative. In this way, further growth can be achieved through digitalisation and also sales and turnover can be secured even in times of crisis.

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The Challenge - individualisation for consumers
One of the challenges for companies in the food industry is to design their products flexibly and individually within limits. For one thing, this requires frictionless and direct access to the customer at the POS for individualised products, and secondly, the necessary flexible and changeable production based on Industry 4.0 technology with the claim of being able to produce from batch size 1 without increasing costs.

The Solution - integration of digital POS and Industry 4.0 production
Digital business models with digital POS, integrated with corporate processes and ultimately the shop floor and thus production are the approach here. If pursued consistently, this approach will guarantee new digitally generated revenues and thus long-term growth - even in times of crisis.

Our Services - holistic support according to your wishes, throughout the entire process

We analyse the potential for individualised products and food with you and support you objectively and neutrally in making a decision. We work with you to develop your digital business model for individualised products from the POS to production. We plan the implementation steps with you and pay attention to low-hanging fruits that can bring new digital sales or cost savings at an early stage. We go into the implementation of the business model with you and also accompany you with a quality-assuring eye through all phases until the go-live of the new business model.

Talk to us about the potential of customisation in your product portfolio and then decide whether an initial potential analysis is an option for you and your company.